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If you value growth,  grow value.


Nothing is more 
important than understanding how 
value REALLY works.

 Valuenomics® examines the 

3 Realms  & 7 Rules 

that govern what, where, when and how things become valued. 


Valuenomics Inc. is the passion project of Sara Davis and the parent company of Arthry- which offers coaching, consulting, training and speaking on valuenomic subjects with the goal of helping people and companies to grow 


Founder and Principal
  • Educated in Psychology, Business & Systems Theory

  • Certified in NLP, Enneagram, Mari, Neuroptimal & Coaching 

  • Achieved Top-Sales Position in a Fortune 500 company

  • Held the position of International Marketing Director & President of a global multi-national company 

  • Has empowered hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in 14 countries

  • Has helped business scale up to 9-figures  

  • Married with 6 children and a zoo of animals




  • Clients have included legions of innovative entrepreneurs, startups and Saas companies plus large companies including: 


  • Apollo, BP, Cadbury. Canon, Club Med, Google, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, L'oreal, Malaysian Airforce, Mastercard, Microsoft, National University, Olivetti, Prudential, So Cal Gas, Transamerica, & Toshiba and the US Navy and US Marines


Client Praise

Every member of our team was very positive with compliments on your presentation. Your experiential demonstration was outstanding! We will schedule you again!   Dennis Biden, Transamerica 

What a delightful seminar! Your presentation is one of the best we have ever seen. You are great-enthusiastic, enjoyable, and most of all, informative.  Dale Manning, Realty World


Sara Davis is hands down the most knowledgeable speaker on psychological and strategic success topics I have ever heard. A 30-minute presentation from her can leave you feeling 30 yrs wiser. She is one of a kind -deep wisdom + unconditional compassion filtered through a mind that processes information like a network of supercomputers! 5 stars across the board from me! 
Jonathan England -Earthwaking University


Your presentation was unique and provided our sales force with professional skills for overall upgrade and improvement

Robert Chin, Reckitt & Colman

Your motivational skills and presentation content are excellent - as reflected in our sales performance improvement

K Chalit, Olivetti 

Your enthusiasm, energy, and topics are absolutely terrific! I haven’t been this impressed in 20 yrs of doing business.

Alan Sweetow, Cush Automotive 

The effects of your project have been remarkable...our grand success is directly attributed to your skill and knowledge.”
E.E. Price, Deputy Director, U.S. Marines

Your training was motivational, sound, substantive, and most of all, effective in helping us to increase sales!
John Kilby, Vice President, Apollo Companies

Your presentation was one of the best we have ever seen. We enthusiastically recommend you!
Bruce Martin, Century 21

Your Managing Change Initiative was instrumental in helping our employees ride the waves of change. Many have shared 
deep appreciation for the helpful insights you gave them. 
Mary Paul
,Manager Human Resources, Southern California Gas Company. 

Thank you for your outstanding consulting programs! They were energetic, practical and packed with solid content every time.

Susan Schneiderman, National University

You are an excellent leader, demonstrating rare qualities and positive benefits. I strongly recommend you to any organization.

Andrew Kong, Canon Asia. 

Sincere thanks and appreciation. Your stimulating and rewarding sessions have given us a competitive edge. 
Loy Teik, Managing Director Leisure Holidays

Wow!  What can I say? Your program was sound, substantive AND motivational! You’ve improved morale and given us a competitive edge in the market. 
John Kilby Apollo Companies 

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